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​Who are we?

​Rubbertoe Replicas is a unique company specialising in 100% authentic prop replicas and collectibles from the cult BBC show, Doctor Who. We are the ONLY prop makers who are fully licensed by the BBC to make replicas from Doctor Who.


Why support licensees?

As licensees, the royalty payments that we make to BBC Worldwide for every item we sell are then invested back into the making of Doctor Who. So when you buy from us (and other licensed retailers and manufacturers), you are assuring the quality and future of the show itself. You can also guarantee the authenticity of your purchase by buying from licensees. 


​​What makes us different?​
All our products are hand-made in Wales, by the original prop-makers who have worked (and still do work!) on Doctor Who. Nick Robatto, the founder of Rubbertoe Replicas, has been one of the principal prop-makers for Doctor Who since the programme's re-launch in 2004. Nick set up his own business, Rubbertoe Props, in 2011.  Maintaining strong links with the BBC and Doctor Who, Nick continues to provide the show with many props; including the most recent Tardis console and the 12th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver.

Rubbertoe is a small family run buisness. where our emphasis is on great products and outstanding customer relations.

​What makes a Rubbertoe Replica Special?

​All our products are hand-made by the original prop fabricators, which makes them about  as accurate and authentic as you can get. They are made using the same materials and techniques as used on the show and when possible the original moulds and CAD drawings are used to make your replica.

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