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Rubbertoe is pleased to present these one of a kind, bespoke, custom pieces, designed by our chief prop-maker, Nick Robatto. 

Gorgeously styled in sumptuous materials, this fantastic collectors piece is a thing of true beauty. Lovingly hand crafted here in our workshops in South Wales, the Rubbertoe Redwood is made from brass, real leather, acrylic and walnut. It feels wonderful in hand, weighty and immensely tactile.

Over time the wood will darken and the brass will take on a natural patina with handling. This is a look that some prefer, but if you like your brass bits shiny shiny, we recommend Cape Cod metal polishing cloths.

PLEASE NOTE; due to the extra weight of the brass, only a slight flicking motion is needed to extend The Rubbertoe Redwood.

AT THE MOMENT ONLY 24 ARE AVAILABLE - we may extend the edition at a later date.
  • Details

    Made from, brass, walnut wood, real leather, acrylic and Rubbertoe wizardry.

    Features a working red LED and comes with batteries.